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Hi! My name is Tawny Dwyer and I'm the Librarian here at Marr/Cook Elementary. This is my 27th year with the GoshenSchool District.  I am a Goshen graduate as are my 3 children, Kelsi  2005, Karli 2008 and Kort  2011.   I am blessed to have 3 granddaughters Koah 10, Logan 5, and Elena 1.
First and second graders will start checking out books around the middle of September.  We will be talking about taking care of books library expectations and AR levels until then.  Kindergarteners do not check out books.  Students will keep their books for 1 week.  Students have to bring their book back in order to check out a new book.  If your child misplaces or losses their library book, please let me know.  We will figure out a replacement cost so they can get back to getting new books. Please reach out with any questions or concerns I am always available by email at [email protected]