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Grading Policy

Students are assessed on a quarterly basis. 
Reports are sent home at the end of every quarter.
Parents with older children should note that ProgressBook is not used in Kindergarten.
Interim reports are sent home half way between each report card. These are a "snapshot" report that shows if your child is performing at a satisfactory or unsatisfactory rate. 

Students will be assessed individually for report cards and interims. Students will get a score of 1, 2, 3, or 4. These scores mean:

4= Exceeds grade level expectations

3= Meets grade level expectations 

2= Approaching grade level expectations

1= Not meeting grade level expectations

     It is important to note that a “4” will be difficult to get. It means that your child is going above and beyond what is expected in kindergarten. Some goals, such as letter naming, are year-end goals. Your child may get a “1” or “2” for this goal at the beginning of the year, but get a “3” by the end of the year. Some goals, like letter naming, cannot be exceeded. A “4” will never be given because the grade level expectation is that your child knows all 52 letters and you can not go above and beyond that.