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Thank you so much for checking in :) If you need ANYTHING please feel free to call: 513-722-2224 ext. 4004 or email:
I will do my best to respond in 24 hours or less.

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Tattling vs Telling

I will be visiting classrooms to help students decide whether they need to tell an adult, or if they can solve the problem by themselves. There are is a chart posted below that they can use to decide whether, they need to tell a teacher, or if they can solve the problem by themselves.
I also posted the steps they can take to solve the problem themselves: 
1. Asking the person to please stop what they are doing
2. Walking away from the situation
3. After trying steps 1 and 2, then asking the teacher for help. 

Don't Be an Angry Bird, Use Your Words Lesson

I have visited each classroom to do a lesson on dealing with anger appropriately. Take a look at the power point!
We discussed what it "feels" like to be angry and good strategies to use when feeling mad or angry. Some of the strategies discussed that you will see in the power point are:
1. Going to your birds nest to take a break. Some good break spots at home are their bedrooms, swing set, basement etc. At school we practiced asking the teacher to take a break, get a drink or come talk to Me. 
2. Balloon Bird Breathing: taking at least three deep breaths and trying to relax our whole body from our head to our toes. To take a balloon bird breath, you need to breathe in like you're smelling a flower and breath out like you're blowing out your birthday candles.
3. Is to always use your words when you are feeling angry, not your bodies. 
If you have any questions about this lesson, I would be happy to chat about it :) 
Snowflake Fun! Character education lesson in Mrs. Senter's 2nd grade classroom on accepting others differences/we are all unique and special. 

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Thank you so much for checking in :) If you need ANYTHING please feel free to call: 513-722-2224 ext. 4004 or email:
I will do my best to respond in 24 hours or less. 

As the school counselor I believe...

I believe in providing child-centered, developmental, and preventive services that help students begin their journey through their educational career. I want to instill valuable academic and social/emotional skills in students, and aid in the development of career awareness. I will make myself visible in the school by visiting classrooms and delivering group and classroom lesson plans that target specific needs of students in that classroom.

I believe in taking a creative and age appropriate approach to counseling lessons and delivering through a combination of individual, group, and classroom counseling sessions. Every child deserves to be respected and valued for their differences which is why I will seek to maximize the holistic development of students in an atmosphere that recognizes and nurtures the uniqueness of individual students.

I will do my best to work collaboratively with school staff, students, families and community stakeholders to help implement a goal oriented program where I can track student progress academically, socially and emotionally. Through data tracking I will do my best to ensure all students succeed to the best of their ability in school and are prepared for meaningful, productive living.

I want to be seen as a resource not only to my students, but also fellow staff members and parents. I commit to being a student advocates who will work to maximize student potential and academic achievement.  In partnership with all stakeholders, I will work to facilitate and coordinate a multi-tiered support system to ensure that all students are have the ability to access the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their highest potential.